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Tales From Luxia is a hand-drawing action side scroller game that deals with issues of spirituality, like heaven and hell, in a totally original story, which has as yours main artistic reference the Baroque and Renaissance periods.

The player consumes Light on all special abilities, thus providing a basic experience of managing this feature. Levels contain physical obstacles and enemies, also you could see small objectives like, keys, doors and puzzles.




Embrace adventure in the Kingdom of Luxia and help Adriel in the war of Light against the shadows.

This kingdom in the heavens is a world of cities, forests, mountains and deserts that is now full of demons!



Adriel was one of the chief archangels of heaven, protector of the hanging cities in the Kingdom of Luxia and commander of the army of angels.

As Guardian of Light, he was entrusted with the mission of being The Messenger and of being sent to the Kingdom of Men. His duty was to visit each of the Seven Kings and establish an alliance of Men and Angels with the purpose of confronting Belial, Lord of the Kingdom of Shadows, who had levied an army of underlings and was preparing a war of domination to take charge the other two kingdoms, in order to become the ruler of the Triad of Kingdoms, thus producing catastrophic imbalance in the universe.

In his visit to the Eastern Fields, Adriel met King Argos, who received him with celebrations of high honor, since a visit from heavenly warriors was considered a great blessing by the earthly peoples. He was then introduced to Princess Eris, of unrivaled candor and beauty, who became his ally. In time, their mutual admiration grew, and inevitable love arose. The discovery of new feelings made Adriel face a dilemma he had never experience before, and even though he resisted those feelings, it was impossible to revoke them. So he was married, and as Prince of the East he lost his position of Guardian of Light in the heavens, becoming thus a fallen angel.

Without their chief commander, the army formed by mortals and immortals grew weak, strengthening the plans of Belial, who used the goodness of the angels against them.

Pretending to be Time Wraiths, the underlings of darkness were able to convince the guardians to open the Spirit Portal, the passage between the Heavenly Kingdom of Luxia and the Kingdom of Shadows. Once they had crossed that threshold, Belial kept the portal open in order to begin the war of Evil against Good.

All of pure hearts, were they men or angels, were summoned to defend the Kingdom of Heaven. Adriel heard the call and prepared to go back and fight to defend the hanging cities. Aware of this fact, Belial ordered to Missea, a powerful sorceress from the Kingdom of Shadows:

“Cast on Eris a spell direr than death! And Adriel shall know the power of shadow.”

The night before Adriel’s return to the Kingdom of Luxia, a ceremony was prepared to assure the warrior good and safe passage to the heavens. Fearful, the princess walked back to her quarters in order to utter a prayer. But Missea, shrewdly disguising herself as a misshapen angel, entreated her to recite some ancient words so her husband would be successful in battle and could return safely home:

“Whisper these words, beautiful Eris, and Adriel shall soon be back in your arms.”

After unwittingly muttering the evil spell, Eris fell into a deep sleep that would last for all eternity, and Missea disappeared into the shadows of night.

When he went looking for his princess, Adriel found her lying on the ground. While holding her in his arms, trying to reanimate her, he heard a louder crackle in the hearth, and Belial’s face appeared in the flames, proclaiming:

“Behold the power of shadow over Men and Angels; bow to the Sovereign Lord of the Triad.”

Upon the sounding of the trumpets, Adriel, stirred by fervor, sets out on an odyssey carrying with him his sense of justice and the dilemma between his love and his destiny as Archangel of Luxia.



Face a horde of demons, see some examples and more enemies will come soon!



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